Yo’ Pusface!

Yo’ Pusface!

Lee Chubby King

Mar 30 2018 / AOF329
Yo’ Pusface!

Truly amazing! This Beastie Boys-inspired record originally released on Revolving Records in 1987 is one of the rarest pieces of Cevin Key lore.

Lee Chubby King was a one-off project from Cevin Key, Alan Nelson (of Hilt), Dwayne Goettel (Skinny Puppy, Download, here as “Beat Master Duck”), and Lee Salford (who drummed on Tear Garden’s Tired Eyes Slowly Burning). With such an amazing crew, one can only expect magic, but one definitely doesn’t expect this!

This is straight up industrial hip-hop, complete with raunchy lyrics, references to Vancouver, and one even hears some of Key’s amazing sound effects (that at least to this writer sound like the same palette that was used on ViViSectVi).

An essential, if not completely bizarre, addition to any Skinny Puppy completist.

The original pressing in 1987 was on 12” vinyl; by special request from Cevin Key, this Artoffact Records reissue is released on 10” vinyl.

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