Wrong Dream

Wrong Dream

Apr 28 2023 / AOF410
Wrong Dream

Recorded and mixed at Machines With Magnets by Seth Manchester (The Body, Liturgy, Lightning Bolt), Wrong Dream smashes the boundaries set by the band’s previous work and represents a giant step forward. The core elements of Tunic’s anxiety-ridden sound are intact – a herky-jerky assault of pummeling drums, distorted bass, discordant guitar, and wild-eyed vocals, somewhere in the noise-punk territory between Amphetamine Reptile and Three One G – but Wrong Dream is the band’s greatest and most engaging work to date. The band’s tangle of dissonance and angst is laced with heart-swelling moments of melody and startlingly vulnerable lyrics, making for songs that cut deeper than what came before.

Adventurous and painfully honest, Wrong Dream is the sound of a band having the courage to fulfil its potential. While still rife with sounds that will perk the ears of old Tunic fans, and most AmRep or Three One G devotees, Wrong Dream sees Tunic assume an accessible new form – something closer in spirit to Fugazi than to anything that can be neatly boxed as noise-punk, or another such genre.

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