Wounds Bleed

Wounds Bleed

Horrible Youth

Sep 27 2019 / AOF325
Wounds Bleed

Horrible Youth is an Icelandic five-piece sludge and grunge band that sprang to life in Oslo in 2016 and quietly recorded their stunning debut, Wounds Bleed.

The band comprises scene notables Ágúst Bent Jensson on vocals, Magnús Leifur Sveinsson on synths, Frosti Gringo on drums, Hálfdán Árnason on Bass and Moog, and Helgi Rúnar Gunnarsson handling guitar. The five members have a storied history in the Reykjavik scene, including membership in bands as diverse as Úlpa, Legend, Benny Crespos Gang, Kul and many others.

Expect big things!

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