Jul 10 2015 / AOF219

Following Seeming’s album-of-the-year winning Madness & Extinction and their experiment with the 8-Track format comes Worldburners, an arson-themed EP that expands and deepens Seeming’s endtime pronouncements.

Worldburners blasts listeners into punk territory with the bagpipe-filled scorcher “Worldburners Unite,” sludges through industrial wastes with the Swans-inspired “My Body Is Always Screaming,” and offers fiery alternate versions of “Goodnight London” and the title track.

This digital package adds even more burners: the genre-bending epic “Light a Fire,” the searing coldwave ballad “Give Yourself to Fire,” the piano meditation “Holy Fire,” and a cover of the classic arsonist’s tale “The City Sleeps,” originally by MC 900-ft. Jesus. Also on the slate are remixes from Madness & Extinction, including efforts by Iris and AAIMON. While Seeming gear up to record their 2nd LP, the Worldburners EP clears a pyromanic path for what lies ahead!

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