When the soul sleeps

When the soul sleeps

Nov 04 2022 / AOF413
When the soul sleeps

Inspired by the frigid and inhospitable environment encountered in their native Novosibirsk, Siberia, the band weaves the stark atmosphere of the 1980s Soviet era with the emotionally detached post-punk and rock genres.

Ploho emerged as a household name in their native Russia, and has built up a dedicated fanbase in Europe and abroad. The band was formed by singer and guitarist Victor Uzhakov in 2013, who tapped Andrei Smorgonsky on bass and Igor Starshinov on synths. The threesome are one of the most prominent purveyors of the newly dubbed “new wave of Russian music,” also known as “Russian Doomer,” creating a dark and captivating blend of rock, post-punk, and new wave.

The new album, When the soul sleeps, is the band’s best, combining indie rock with dark post-punk, with the marvellous vocals and lyrics from frontman Victor Uzhakov.

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