The Decline of Pleasure

The Decline of Pleasure

Nov 03 2023 / AOF426
The Decline of Pleasure

The first-ever CD edition of Sacred Skin’s debut album! Includes all bonus track remixes including by Kontravoid, Nuovo Testamento, MVTANT, Drab Majesty and more!

1. Earthbound
2. Circles
3. Fever
4. Desperate Dream
5. Far Away
6. Anathema
7. No Surprise
8. Colder
9 Stay Awake
10 Alive In The Night
11 Eyes Closed
12 Killers Mind
13 Colder (Kontravoid Remix)
14 Eyes Closed (Drab Majesty Remix)
15. Earthbound (Nuovo Testamento Remix)
16. Far Away (Missions Fearin’ It Mix)
17. No Surprise (MVTANT Remix)

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