SOL: A Self​-​Banishment Ritual

SOL: A Self​-​Banishment Ritual

Aug 04 2017 / AOF259
SOL: A Self​-​Banishment Ritual

“NEXT TIME LET’S GET RAISED BY WOLVES,” bellows Seeming’s new album, SOL. Subtitled A Self-Banishment Ritual, this second LP by the NY-based postgothic act breaks rich new ground: vintage funk and psychedelic soul swirl into unlikely harmonies with synth-driven pop, heady noise, and mercilessly post-human politics. This is a landmark record by Alex Reed (formerly of ThouShaltNot; author of Assimilate: A Critical History of Industrial Music).

SOL bares fractured humanity, practices apocalyptic shamanism, raises the ghosts of 1970s pop, and ultimately claims a rare freedom. Co-produced with Daniel Myer (Haujobb), SOL boasts guest appearances by Pitchfork favorite S∆MMUS and Japanoise legend Merzbow. Standout tracks include the outsider anthem “Stranger,” vocoder ballad “I Love You Citizen,” the explosive “Talk About Bones,” and “If I Were You,” a song transcribed from a posthumous performance by John Balance (Coil) in a dream.

Seeming’s debut Madness & Extinction was called Album of the Year by leading dark music blog I Die: You Die, and their single “The Burial” was named song of the year by AModelOfControl. The band’s Worldburners EP reached #1 on Bandcamp’s overall sales charts. SOL is the next chapter: the world after the world.

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