Ominus Spiritus

Ominus Spiritus

Nov 05 2021 / AOF353
Ominus Spiritus

Headless Nameless is a Canadian doomwave band featuring members of Ottawa-based EBM heroes Encephalon. Combining elements of gothic rock, darkwave and doom metal, the new project, featuring Alison Keller on vocals is a throwback to legendary Canadian darkwave bands like Thrive, Rhea’s Obsession, and Waiting For God, and will appeal to fans of household names like The Birthday Massacre, Epica, and Sisters of Mercy. The band’s debut album Ominus Spiritus drops Fall 2021.

The double CD features a bonus disc with 8 remixes from Encephalon, which take the doomy goth sounds of the new project and filter them through a driving, EBM lens.

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