Aug 26 2016 / AOF272

Haujobb’s fourth album saw the German group move into sparse territory, with elements of minimal electronics, drum’n’bass, and trip hop, and generally as far away as possible from their industrial roots as one could be. While loads of fans lamented the move, hindsight is 20/20, and history has treated ninetynine with the admiration it rightly deserves. After all, it was only a few years after its release that labels like Hymen Records would grab the industrial scene’s imagination, and one could draw a straight line from the ninetynine’s aesthetic to what would eventually be called technoid industrial.

Nine tracks, two of which featuring the incredible Vanessa Briggs on vocals, and one of the most refreshingly calming albums you will ever hear. Artoffact Records presents for the first time ever, ninetynine on vinyl. The album is remastered by LeafAudio and comes in a beautiful gatefold sleeve.

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