Mechvirus (Remix) feat ULTRA SUNN

Mechvirus (Remix) feat ULTRA SUNN

Dec 01 2023 / AOF335S2
Mechvirus (Remix) feat ULTRA SUNN

Vancouver’s FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY drop a new remix of their 2018 hit single ‘Mechvirus’ featuring vocals written and recorded by labelmates ULTRA SUNN!

Lending their signature sound and vocals to the track, ULTRA SUNN brings a new life to the song – originally released on FLA’s 2018 album, WarMech – with lyrics based on the human relationship with truth.

On the new track, the band comments:
“We loved working on this remix. Front Line Assembly really does research into very specific sound material and particularly for this track.

Adding vocals was quite natural for us. We wrote a text about the relationship with the truth. When two people share a moment, they are actually the only ones who have the truth, no matter how it has been twisted afterwards.

We are happy to have been able to use these ingredients and put our sound, our signature on it. We made it a danceable tune with our “Sound of Belgium” heritage, while trying to bring a freshness of our time.”

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