Grand Rites

Grand Rites

Nov 17 2017 / AOF297
Grand Rites

With influences ranging from doom metal to classic rock, Dead Quiet seeks to meld melody with catastrophe as they weave through a dissonant landscape of crushing metallic riffs and sombre choral musings. While remaining loyal to crucial heavy metal foundations, the band is successful at pronouncing that heaviness with depth and honesty. Formed in the winter of 2013, Dead Quiet was created from the ashes of singer/guitarist Kevin Keegan’s since dismantled band, Barn Burner (Metal Blade). Keegan’s songs were brought to the experienced hands of Vancouver musicians, Jason Dana (Bend Sinister, Karen Foster), Brock Macinnis (Anciients, Tobeatic) and Mike Grossnickle (Hashteroid). With one record under their belts, Dead Quiet has recently finished their follow up titled Grand Rites. Having the addition of full time keyboard player Justin Hagberg (3 inches of Blood) to the creative process, the songs have seen a richer dynamic and further broadened their already 70’s rock and early heavy metal characteristic. With the release of Grand Rites on the horizon, Dead Quiet hope to continue traversing the globe, playing what has become well known as an ultra energetic, charismatic and ear splitting live performance.

Limited see-thru blue double vinyl, in a beautiful gatefold sleeve!

Recommended if you like: High on Fire, Black Sabbath, Thin Lizzy, Electric Wizard, Mastodon, Metallica, Deep Purple, The Sword, Corrosion of Conformity, Queens of the Stone Age, Graveyard, Witchcraft, Pallbearer.

“Heavy, pummelling riffs that flow into each other, and have what it takes to keep happy those who crave the heavy, but might be into straightforward rock too.”
-Addison Herron-Wheeler, Exclaim! Magazine

“A very heavy nod to stoner type rock with its slow prodding groove riffs and jumpy drumming.”
-Heath Fenton, Beatroute

“A triumph for Canadian music.”
-Martell, We Love Metal

“Crushing, beautiful, and honest.”
-Shawn Loeffler, Yell Magazine

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