Mechvirus (Remix) feat. Ayria

Mechvirus (Remix) feat. Ayria

Oct 27 2023 / AOF335S1
Mechvirus (Remix) feat. Ayria

Vancouver’s FRONT LINE ASSEMBLY and Toronto’s AYRIA drop a new digital single – a collaboration of Front Line Assembly’s 2018 hit, Mechvirus!

Canada’s industrial scene has long been admired, producing globally renowned acts like the genre-founding Skinny Puppy, cEvin Key, Front Line Assembly (FLA), and rising star, Ayria (Jennifer Parkin). This new single is the latest gripping showcase of Canada’s ever-growing, thriving industrial music scene. Originally released on FLA’s 2018 album, WarMech, the track is given an intoxicating new life with Ayria’s vocal and lyrical contributions.

On the new track, Ayria comments candidly: “It’s such an honour to get the opportunity to sing on a Front Line Assembly song! Growing up in Canada in the 90’s they were an inspiration and of course legends both here at home and globally. Getting to add my voice to Mechvirus and writing lyrics to match the theme and mood of this already beautifully haunting track has been a highlight in my own music career.”

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