Dreams and Nightmares / Bedside Companion

Dreams and Nightmares / Bedside Companion

Nash the Slash

Feb 05 2016 / AOF202
Dreams and Nightmares / Bedside Companion

Juno-nominated Canadian cult-hero Nash the Slash’s early catalogue is set to be reissued through Canadian label Artoffact Records.

Artoffact will reissue CD and vinyl remasters of Nash’s first record, Dreams & Nightmares, as well as his most popular full-length Children of The Night, the super-rare live album Hammersmith Holocaust, and the EP Bedside Companion. Long-time Nash admirer Gary Numan has penned the liner notes for Hammersmith Holocaust.

Nash the Slash’s debut 1979 album Dreams and Nightmares is new-wave horror-punk-lover gold. Featuring a 10 minute soundtrack to the 1929 silent surrealist short film Un Chien Andalou (which he first debuted at the Roxy Theatre in Toronto on March 17th, 1975), the album clocks in at 43 minutes. It’s eight tracks present early synthesizer music, Nash’s signature electric violin and mandolin, and, as Mark Allan of AllMusic wrote, the “perfect sounds for a dark and stormy night.”

Shortly after releasing Dreams and Nightmares, Nash would meet and inspire Gary Numan, play on Numan’s DANCE album, and support Numan in the UK in 1980 and 81.

The Artoffact Records vinyl reissue is remastered and comes in a gorgeous gatefold sleeve. The tracks on the vinyl are the same versions as originally released in 1979 (subsequent Dreams and Nightmares reissues had different lengths).

“Perfect sounds for a dark and stormy night.”
Mark Allan, AllMusic

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