Brave New Waves session

Brave New Waves session


Jul 07 2017 / AOF302
Brave New Waves session

Formed in 1983, Asexuals began as a hardcore punk band (fronted by John Kastner, who later started The Doughboys), but really shined as an alternative rock band, with Dish, the 1988 Cargo Records release being their best.

The band’s Brave New Waves session captures the foursome of Sean Friesen, Paul Remington, Blake Cheetah, and T.J. Plenty at their peak, rocking through nine incredible numbers, most memorably “World For The Taking,” “So Many Miles,” and “Dish.” The CD edition appends several bonus tracks from a later acoustic session that shows a different, more laid back side to the band.

The Asexuals Brave New Waves session was recorded on August 29th, 1988 and first broadcast a few nights later on August 31st / September 1st. The recording is taken from the original CBC Archives tape and remastered at Grey Market Mastering in Montreal, by Harris Newman.

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