Brave New Waves session

Brave New Waves session

The Pursuit of Happiness

Jun 02 2017 / AOF307
Brave New Waves session

Exploding onto the Canadian rock scene with “I’m An Adult Now,” The Pursuit of Happiness went on to sell over 100,000 copies of their debut album Love Junk and continued to have hits in the early 90s such as “Two Girls in One,” and “Cigarette Dangles.”

Fronted by the always-charismatic Moe Berg, TPOH delivered a breath-taking Brave New Waves session, complete wild guitar solos and impressive percussion courtesy Dave Gilby, as well as the TPOH-patented backing vocals by Leslie Sinclair (nee Stanwyck).

The exact recording date of the Pursuit of Happiness’ 1990 Brave New Waves Session is unknown. The recording is taken from the original CBC Archives’ tape and remastered at Grey Market Mastering in Montreal, by Harris Newman.

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