Tunic drops live studio video for Boss!

Have you ever been told that striving to pour all your talent and skills into someone else’s vision means you’ve got a “good job”? Were you assigned the identity of “worker bee” before you’d even hit puberty? Who decided on the finite number of bosses and the infinite number of workers?

I think the answer to that is pretty obvious when you look at the number of bosses whose wealth and position are inherited and appointed rather than earned. When you understand the public relations effort and investment that goes into convincing us that we’re free in a system that wants us chained to debt and wage slavery. When you see that we maintain a system that ranks us by race and gender and religion in order to maintain control of the fruits of our labor.

What if we all decided to be our own boss? Yeah, we would upend capitalism, but who told us that was a bad thing? Our bosses? Huh.

Anyway, I’m listening to TUNIC screaming into my ears, challenging me to be a boss. Not your boss, or their boss, but my boss. Their dissonant punk rock riffing and swirling psychedelic rhythms are the perfect soundtrack to destroying a system that exists only to exploit us until we die. They may be talking music, but I’m talking revolution, and after watching our premiere of their live rendition of “Boss” you might be, too. It’s off their new album Exhaling that’s out now via Artoffact Records

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