Post-Punk premieres Blue Sunshine lyric video

Post-Punk premieres Blue Sunshine lyric video

Canadian duo Ghost Twin bursts forth dark synthpop. Their roaring synth lines, dirty pulsing bass, dreamy guitar, and a haunting vocal dichotomy lies in a liminal space somewhere at the crossroads of Baroque and Industrial. With the retro-flavoured video for Blue Sunshine, Ghost Twin utilizes live video percussion that feeds cinema through a cut-up technique, imbued with occult aesthetics.

“While this track was written pre-pandemic, and reflected our feelings about how world events were progressing, it feels especially timely right now,” muses vocalist Karen Asmundson. “Blue Sunshine is a love song for the planet Earth from the point of view of the human race as its repentant abuser. It’s a nihilist pop anthem for a world on fire. The perspective of the lyrics is essentially, “well we’ve destroyed everything to the point of no return, I guess let’s just try to make the best of our current reality instead of wallowing in regret.” It feels on the surface like an upbeat and cheerful song, but it is actually one of the darkest songs we’ve ever written.”

The pair randomly went to a 35mm screening of Warriors of the Wasteland at the Alamo Drafthouse when visiting New York in 2019, opening their eyes to an entire sub-genre of films, dubbed ‘Maxploitation’, produced in Italy that rode on the success of Mad Max.

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