KANGA drops new single Bad Girl!

KANGA drops new single Bad Girl!

KANGA is gearing up to release her latest album, ‘Under Glass’, and today shares another look inside with a new single, ‘Bad Girl’!

Spotlighting KANGA’s affinity to dance from the introductory beat that takes hold of the listener with a firm grip, to the lyrical content with lines like “I just want to dance, it don’t have to be so complicated, bad girls love to dance,” ‘Bad Girl’ is out everywhere now.

Having shared two singles prior to today’s release, KANGA is showcasing a reinvented sound that demonstrates her growth as a musician. The album’s title track, ‘Under Glass’, is a pitch-perfect preview into what can be expected from the full-length. Equal parts dreamy and danceable, with a mind-blowing sonic arrangement, it boasts the dark-pop essentials that she’s become known for. The album’s first single, ‘Rehab’, is an invigorating reminder of KANGA’s dynamic, genre-bending style that illustrates her ever-growing ability to flawlessly blend sensational storytelling with electro-pop and harrowing darkwave to create highly-relatable, introspective tracks.

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