Italian doom duo OvO announces special show at Roadburn!

Italian doom duo OvO announces special show at Roadburn!

Over the course of more than two decades and countless shows around the globe, OvO have taken their unique sound to the masses – and now it’s finally time for them to bring it to Roadburn! The Italian duo will hit the road and wind their way to the open arms of the Roadburn audience this coming April.

Their latest release, 2022’s Ignoto, has crept slowly into our consciousness; its sludgy drone overlaid with eerie vocals and imbued with seriously haunting vibes. Their free spirits and open-minded approach to experimenting has seen OvO finding a comfortable home with Artoffact Records – a label with a broad scope and a penchant for the weirdest and most wonderful artists in the Roadburn-sphere.

They tell us: “Roadburn has been on our wishlist of festivals we would like to play for many years. We’ve been touring all around the world at so many amazing festivals, and finally we are extremely happy to be in the lineup of 2023, performing there for the first time. We can’t wait to have the chance to share the stage with a lot of friends and bands that we met on tour over the years, with others that we just admire, and most of all with the ones that we still have to discover. It already feels like home.”

So let’s welcome these road warriors to the heart of Roadburn and embark upon this leg of their dark journey together.

– Becky Laverty

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