GGGOLDDD pre-orders for new EP PTSD are up now!

GGGOLDDD pre-orders for new EP PTSD are up now!

As the title suggests, GGGOLDDD’s upcoming “PTSD” EP is one with a story that is not necessarily happy, yet, is a loud celebration of moving on. It’s about living in a new reality and escaping violence. All five songs are about loss and leaving things behind that are full of power, beauty, and hope.

The EP’s five songs include the previously released “I Let My Hair Grow”, as well as two new songs and two re-written songs. The release aims to connect the band’s rich, celebrated past with the adventurous future that they have ahead.

On the EP, vocalist Milena Eva comments:
“2 years ago I was diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder. I’ve been in intensive therapy ever since. It’s been a wild ride revisiting horrible memories and having breakthrough moments. During this time we started writing new music and rewriting old songs. It was exactly the excitement I needed to clear my head. We’re showing you a glimpse of the future of GGGOLDDD.”

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