GGGOLDDD announces new album!

GGGOLDDD announces new album!

Dutch alternative pop innovators GGGOLDDD announce fifth studio album, This Shame Should Not Be Mine.

The first single and video, “Notes on How to Trust,” is now streaming on music and video services worldwide.

The band’s most ambitious and masterful work to date, This Shame Should Not Be Mine was conceived in the silence of 2020’s pandemic lockdown, partly as a way for GGGOLDDD lead singer Milena Eva to confront parts of her past and partly in response to the Roadburn Festival’s invitation to propose a commissioned piece for its 2021 online edition.

While the album tells the story of my personal experience with sexual assault, the song ‘Notes On How To Trust’ is about learning how to trust again after such trauma. When every boundary is blurry and every person you meet is a possible risk, it’s a challenge to keep sane.
-Milena Eva

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