Vincent Segretario - Vocals
Hannah Avalon - Keys


WINGTIPS was formed in Chicago in 2014 by Vincent Segretario after informally using the moniker for a number of previous experimental solo performances. In 2016, the band released an EP entitled Greyarea and former live member Hannah Avalon became creative collaborator, contributing to the ethereal come-up of “Glass”, and the ecstatic lullaby “Wading”. The band continued to hone their live show and record demos in 2017.

In August 2018, WINGTIPS’ new single, “Relativity,” — their first public work in close to two years – was released. Highly trafficked web destination Post-Punk called the track “a soaring anthem stepped in mid to late 80’s nostalgia whose keyboard driven production is a cross between John Hughes soundtrack cuts from Thompson Twins or OMD, and guitar work reminiscent of The Cure’s Disintegration.”

2019, and WINGTIPS announced a record deal with Toronto-based Artoffact Records, and the label released the band’s debut full-length Exposure Therapy.


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