SOFT VEIN, the California-based darkwave solo project of musician Justin Chamberlain, debuted in late 2022 with a pair of singles, the haunting ‘GIVEUPTHEGHOST’ and its industrial-tinged successor ‘VIOLENTIA.’ Blending influences from cold wave, industrial, and modern darkwave, SOFT VEIN “…paints a vivid picture of desperation and lust in the dark, but with a strangely romantic bend.” (POST-PUNK COM)

SOFT VEIN’s sound is at times urgent, visceral and dangerous; at other times, lonesome, longing and darkly romantic. Minimalist drum machines, metallic synthetic percussion, lurking synth basslines and lush synthesizer and guitar arrangements all combine to flash grainy pictures of love and lust in a dark room.

‘PRESSED IN GLASS,’ the debut album from SOFT VEIN, will be available October 20th, 2023 via Artoffact Records on all streaming platforms, as well as physical release via CD and vinyl.


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