Alex Reed - Everything


Led by New York-based author, theorist, and composer Alex Reed, Seeming is a post-industrial art-pop project which broke out in 2014 with the LP Madness & Extinction which earned an Album of the Year award from darkwave tastemakers I Die: You Die.

2017’s followup album SOL: A Self-Banishment Ritual introduced 1970s funk and psychedelia into Seeming’s sound, and delivered on the promise Reed made in his 400-page book Assimilate: A Critical History of Industrial Music—to craft grandiose, otherworldly music that speaks with radically progressive fervor to real 21st-century crises of politics, race, population, and animal rights. Seeming’s sophomore album created a stir in the pop music and industrial communities, and recently the UK-based blog amodelofcontrol named it the best album of the 2010s decade.

Over six years and two genius-level albums, Alex Reed has sculpted Seeming to be leaner, larger, and single minded in its posthuman purpose: with pounding funeral drums, blaring brass, and synth melodies galore, Seeming’s third and most impressive record, The Birdwatcher’s Guide to Atrocity promises to be another breath-taking record, from an artist who reinvents himself with every song.

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