cEvin Key - Electronics
Rhys Fulber - Production, Keys
Bill Leeb - Vocals


The legendary Canadian electro-industrial powerhouse group, Cyberaktif, has resurfaced from the depths of the members’ respective successes and is already making history again. The band has announced their first release in over 30 years and not even a month later, it has broken the record for the most pre-ordered album in Artoffact Records’ label history!

In lieu of founding member Dwayne Goettel’s untimely passing in 1994, cEvin Key (Skinny Puppy) and Bill Leeb / Wilhelm Schroeder (Front Line Assembly) have maintained the group’s supergroup status, completing the lineup with Rhys Fulber (Front Line Assembly / Delerium producer) for this album, which was produced by Greg Reely (Delerium, Machine Head, Fear Factory, Front Line Assembly, Skinny Puppy).

Once described by Key as “the experience of discovering the whole electronic genre,” Cyberaktif’s last and only other release (under their original lineup) was 1991’s ‘Tenebrae Vision’, which also saw a guest appearance from Blixa Bargeld of the well known German industrial band Einstürzende Neubauten.


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