Cloud Rat


Rorik Brooks - Guitars
Madison Marshall - Vocals
Brandon Hill - Drums


Cloud Rat is an American grindcore punk band formed in Mount Pleasant, Michigan in 2009. Their current lineup consists of founding members guitarist Rorik Brooks & vocalist Madison Marshall, and drummer/long-time collaborator Brandon Hill.

They have released three studio albums, 11 splits/EPs, a live album and other various compilations. Though predominantly seated in the grindcore and hardcore punk genres, the group have regularly experimented with elements of doom, black metal, noise, goth, shoegaze, grunge, trip-hop, progressive rock/metal, industrial, acoustic, and jazz, while somehow still retaining a unique sense of consistency and urgency.

Common themes and lyrical threads between their releases have been the cathartic explorations of extreme despair, violence, addiction, and trauma, alongside feminist & anti-capitalist sociopolitical commentary, often viewed through abstract and/or mystical lenses. Cloud Rat have been critically acclaimed at some point or other in most every notable music/art publication, have worked with numerous revered underground record labels, and have extensively toured the North American and European DIY, club, and fest circuits over the years. 2019 sees the group releasing their fourth full-length album, “Pollinator”, alongside a collection of experimental material entitled “Do Not Let Me Off The Cliff”, both through lauded Canadian label Artoffact Records.

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