Chernaya Rechka


Igor Rysev - Vocals
Zhenya Devyatyarov - Bass
Denis Ivonin - Drums


Черная речка (Chernaya Rechka, translated as Black River), is a Russian indie-rock and post-punk band formed in Kirov in 2013. The band members started playing together in the band Debauch, conceived as a garage punk project in the style of Hives or Eagles of Death Metal. However, according to frontman Igor Rysev, the band lacked musical experience, and they had close to zero level of proficiency with their instruments. Instead of garage punk, they got just punk – dirty, crooked, and primitive. And that didn’t stop them…

Debauch consisted of four people: Igor Rysev – bass, Zhenya Devyatyarov – guitar, Denis Ivonin – drums, Evgeny (Mik) Ovcharenko – vocals. A year later, after the band’s first major tour in 2013, the guys decided to take on something more serious. Zhenya offered to play post-punk, assuring the rest that the genre was about to become popular. After the first few rehearsals, Igor came up with a name for the group – “Black River”. The roles in it were slightly redistributed: Igor, as in Debauch, was responsible for composing music, but now he played the guitar, Zhenya was responsible for the bass, Mick remained on vocals, but added a second guitar; and Denis, as before, was on drums. Soon after, when two songs were already written, Mick said that he was forced to leave the group in connection with moving to St. Petersburg. Igor took responsibility for the vocal parts. From that moment on, the core synergy of the band was established: Igor Rysev – vocals, guitar, Evgeny Devyatyarov – bass, Denis Ivonin – drums.


Chernaya Rechka
Chernaya Rechka
Chernaya Rechka
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