2LP Vinyl, CD digipak, t-shirts & more!
Clear vinyl, CD, & digital
Black vinyl, CD, & digital formats!
Blue vinyl, digipak, & digital formats!
NULL: limited red vinyl, digipak, and streaming
Reanimated Deluxe
This Is My Battle Cry
Echoes: 2CD Deluxe
Crusher Of Bones: CD Edition
Deluxe vinyl, CD, digital. Out May 20th.
Scars of the Broken
1st Album: Redux
Cliff: Deluxe Edition
Deluxe Double Vinyl & 2CD
New album on blue vinyl, deluxe CD
Sorni Nai Live
Clear Vinyl, CD, Shirt Combos
Double CD with Encephalon remixes
LP, CD, digital!
Blue vinyl, CD, & digital
Undir Köldum Norðumljósum: deluxe blue vinyl & CD
Deluxe Blue Vinyl, CDs, Shirts, and Combos!
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New Releases
Cross The Line
Cross The Line
But They Respect My Tactics
But They Respect My Tactics
by KEN mode
Inner Controller
Inner Controller
by Cloud Rat